TTC Cycle #11.. Here We Go Again

12 Nov

So, last cycle my OPK kit had my freaking out a little. Every time I tested I got.. wait for it.. NOTHING. Not a line in sight, except for one day & it was super light. Which, apparently, means negative or invalid or whatever. So I was worried that my OPK kit hated me & was faulty & wanted to scare the crap out of me or that my body and the ruler of the universe hated me & was not letting me ovulate. Peachy.

But my wonderful awesome OB has yet to give up hope on me, so.. I started testing this cycle yesterday (CD 11), because well.. that’s when the kit said to because it magically calculates my ovulation based upon average cycle days and such. So, I test @ 9:30AM.. very super super squint-your-eyes-to-see-it faint line. 9:30PM.. faint light, no squinting.

Today @ 9:30AM.. there is most definitely a line, but it is still not dark. 9:30PM.. OMGOSH MY LINE IS LIKE A SHADE LIGHTER THAN THE CONTROL LINE.

So here I go, off to bed & do some BD’ing in the hopes of a little squirrel nesting itself in my tummy for the next 9 months. Let’s hope it works this time, kay?


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