So Guess Who’s Turkey Day Might Be Miserable?

14 Nov

I always, & I mean always test the day before my period is due. I never test before that because of my wacky cycles it’s just too much of a possibility that it could be early. So I got curious, went on & checked my pregnancy test days. And this is what I get:

First of all, duh I am not late. The whole purpose of this calculator is to find pregnancy test dates. Secondly, the earliest I can test is the 22nd. I’m seriously considering changing my test date to 2 days before my cycle, because it’s bad enough I gorge myself on Thanksgiving. If I was miserable the gorging would be ten times worse.

Let’s hope for a good Gobble Gobble day shall we? Cross your fingers for me! My husband & I will love you for it. So will Britney. My chihuahua, Jasper, on the other hand will probably hate you for ruining his hopes & dreams of being the only baby in the Schwartz household. (:


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