Sad Face = I’m Not Moving In May = Time to Redecorate

20 Nov

So, we were supposed to move in May. We would be renting, and eventually be buying, my grandmother’s home. I love that house, my favorite part is the vintage tiling on the kitchen floor. I had already planned out how I was going to redo the smallest bedroom and turn it into my library. And then, my grandmother decided moving in with my godmother (and hence, moving my grandfather who has Alzheimer’s) was not a good idea. Which I totally agree with, I am just a sad panda because I am now stuck with the horrible layout of this godforsaken townhouse we are renting.

Also, my husband just buys random pieces of furniture (like, media towers. we have three. why? because he started with a small one, then bought another small one thinking it would be forever before we needed a third. and guess what? now we have a third small tower.) & sticks it where he likes. IT IS A WASTE OF SPACE & I HATE IT. It looks crappy, the whole damn thing, especially because of the horrible layout.

So, without further procrastinating, I present to you the inspiration for my living room redecoration. Obviously, it is the first area I start with because no one will ever really see the upstairs until there is a squirrel nesting in the second bedroom & people want to see him/her while he/she is sleeping.

Living Room Inspiration

I went with the that specific sofa & recliner because in reality they are a very light green, & I have light beige carpet/white walls & figured the room needed some color. You can find those, along with the entertainment center (chosen for the fact that it is not overbearing & will leave the room with an open feeling) at Rooms To Go. I think what we’ll probably do is put our favorite DVD’s down here using bookends (like in the photo) & move the rest upstairs to our room.

I wanted to add in some fun & more color than just green, so I chose the cute throw pillows & the pretty looking lamps. I’ll have (duh) two throw pillows, two of the tables, and two sets of the lamps. I really adore those lamps, they are fun/elegant all in one. I figure the drawers in the table can hold excess game station manly things (which I shit you not, currently reside in a toaster box sitting my our TV stand) & the open bottom can hold my scrapbook/cross-stitching things.

I’m going to accent the colors in the couch/throw pillows will pretty wall decor & keep it semi-modern semi-not-so-modern, so I can mix it up. I also plan on filling that entertainment center with photo frames. Because I LOVE photos (hello, I’m a scrapbooker.. DUH).

So, that concludes my redecorating inspiration for our living room. It will probably take a while, because this stuff is expensive & we are on a budget. BUT IT WILL BE DONE. I will update you guys on the process as it comes alone. (:


One Response to “Sad Face = I’m Not Moving In May = Time to Redecorate”

  1. Lacey 22 November, 2010 at 2:07 pm #

    Love the green couch! My sofa and chair are from Rooms to Go as well–Cindy Crawford.

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