Time For Me To Bore You All With My Old Lady-ness + NKOTBSB.

24 Nov

What started as this:

Has morphed into this:

I’m making this for my best friend’s baby boy, who will be one years old on February 2. They grow so fast1 *tear* Usually, I am too ADHD & lose interest in my patterns quickly. It seems though, that this one is working out really well. I’m close to halfway finished & I hope to be done with it by the time I go visit them in January. (:

Speaking of the hottness situated above this sentence, they are COMING TO LAFFAYETTE, LA June 24 & my ass BETTER F&*%ING BE IN A SEAT or I will be devastated. I am not kidding. My whole life boils down to this moment. Last time I tried to see BSB, they sold out (no joke) right before my mom got to the ticket booth. The lady before her bought the maximum amount of tickets & took the last 8 seats. And after that, THEY BROKE UP forever crushing my dreams. Or so I thought, because then NKOTBSB was formed & my heart sputtered glittery love juice everywhere.

Proof of awesomeness (rock your boooodayyyy… to this awesome AMA video):

I mean, I’m just sayin’..


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