Your Health Care = In Your Hands.

28 Nov

Personally, if I have to ask my doctor a million questions to get an explanation of the tests he/she plans on running then I think it’s time for a new doctor. This is especially true if he/she attempts to give me the run-around by giving vague & non-specific answers.

I fully believe that any doctor planning to do any tests, for whatever reason on any patient, needs to fully explain these tests to their patients. I mean, you went to medical school. Before that you were normal & used normal not-so-gigantic words. I’m pretty sure you can find a way in your head to explain to me why you feel “problem x” may be related to “area a” and not “area b” as previously discussed.

Unfortunately, not all doctor’s are this awesome. So then whose fault is it when a patient goes in expecting “area a” to be examined and is shocked when “area b” is examined also or instead? I could blame the doctor or the technician who didn’t bother to explain. It is partially their fault. But ultimately, our health care is in our hands when we choose a doctor. If we allow someone to give us the run around or to just straight out not answer us, then we allow these things to happen.

I believe in finding a doctor who will explain my procedures & tests in full before they are done, to explain to me what he/she is looking for, and to give me an idea of possible diagnosis & a possible course of action. It is OK to doctor shop (no, not as in HEY I CAME HERE FOR PAIN KILLERS + 5 OTHER CLINICS) & to find the doctor that works best for you. It is OK to get a second opinion if you think your diagnosis is off or incorrect. And lastly, even after all the explaining is done you need to be comfortable asking questions if there is more you want to know or something you don’t understand. You aren’t badgering them! This is YOUR HEALTH we’re talking about. And trust me, as a receptionist, I would rather you badger the doctor than to call days later and say “DOCTOR X DIDN’T TELL ME THIS WAS PART OF THE PROCEDURE!” You will just piss me off.

[/end rant]


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