NOLA Hospitality

3 Dec

So let me tell you about my AWESOME day..

I get to work at 8:30 on the dot & we already have patients. I throw my keys/phone on my desk, purse under my chair, & as soon as I clock in & am able to sit am taking phone calls like mad. I didn’t even think to put my keys/phone in my purse because I was just TOO busy.

Patient Jane Do comes to my desk to check out & spills her bottle of water EVERYWHERE, thus drenching my keys/phone. I don’t even bother to worry about the keys, but OMGMYPHONE. So I swoop it up, the screen is working. I take the battery out, dry everything I think to & it turns back on. Great it’s working.. NOT. A few minutes later it shuts down. I quickly google “phone in water” & it says to take the back/battery off & let it sit for 1-2 days.

Throughout the day I come to terms with the fact that my phone may be dead & I’ll have to pay for an $80 replacement. I go about my day & work & whatever else. FINALLY I am done the batch, it’s 6:00, & I’m walking to my car. I get close, click the “alarm off” button and.. nothing. Not only did this bitch possibly ruin my phone but she DEFINITELY ruined my car alarm pad. I go into Border’s, call my dad who says there is a black or white nickel-sized button in the fuse panel near my steering wheel that will kill the alarm & allow me to start my car.

Of course I cannot immediately find this button as I am on a busy highway street and can only keep the driver’s side door opened for about 30 seconds at a time. Some guy comes out of the super nice/expensive apartments I am parked in front of & proceeds to tell me that he has “had a long night & the alarm is getting kind of annoying”. He then realizes he is being a jerk, & must go into his damsel-in-distress mode because he helps me move my car to a less-busy side street & look for how to disable the alarm. He spent about 45 minutes trying to no avail, while we had meaningless conversation. Did I mention he was super cute?

BTW, while we’re going this some army asshole walking around assumes we are trying to steal my car because the alarm is going off & we’re playing in the fuse box. When I show him the keys & he realizes I’m not a car thief, he just leaves. WAY TO HELP A GIRL OUT.

Eventually, we (that is me, + cute stranger) both just give up because my alarm system is obviously state of the art & even someone who has worked with cars (or so I assume, because he was quite handy) cannot figure out how to undo it. It took about 20 minutes just to undo the DUMMY fuse before we realize that we would have to literally cut through the wires and I’d have to have a new one installed. So we have some small-talk before he goes back in & I call my mom to pick up the spare key from Duckie & drive it out to me.

While I’m waiting, a NOLA police officer pulls up. I explain my situation. He states he will park behind me & stay with me because weirdos come around this particular area randomly & it’ dark so he doesn’t want anyone to hit my car. We make some small talk til my mom gets there, he tells me to tell hubs it isn’t work 60 criminal justice course hours to join the NOPD & he should just join JPPD or KPD. Awesome police man, really. He was really, really nice.

At some point my mom arrived & brought me my keys & the adventure was over. Now I am safely home, with a pissed off chihuahua because he was locked up all day & my phone in a giant cup of rice. Somewhere in my conversation with cute stranger, I picked up that his name is Jesse? Jessie? Jessy? IDK how it would be spelled, but I’m thinking of giving him a nice thank you/gift card to Borders for wasting his time trying to help me. I’m pretty grateful he didn’t just call the police for a disturbance.

ETA: I also forgot to mention the runner who ran into me, thus killing my BlackBerry for life. Ridic, right? Water 2 times in one day.


2 Responses to “NOLA Hospitality”

  1. Stacy @ Every Little Thing 3 December, 2010 at 2:04 pm #

    Glad you got it all figured out! Sounds like a nightmare and I would have been insanely embarrassed (just the way I am, embarrassed over everything!). A gift card or something would be nice for him!

    I think in general, the male form is Jesse. I know two and they both spell it like that.

    • candiedpixie 3 December, 2010 at 5:43 pm #

      Ugh I felt so bad that he spent all that time helping me for nothing. Haha.

      After I posted, I realized I have NO IDEA which apartment is actually his so I don’t really want to leave a gift card in their court yard. Haha. I may have to stalk it out, lol!

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