My Unrealistic Christmas Wishlist.

20 Dec

JSYK, it’s highly unlikely that any of these things will be under my tree. Everyone is giving me money to spend on my trip to North Carolina to see my best friend, her husband, & their child.

Dream House
This is my dream house. It is two stories, four bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, with a large backyard and lovely kitchen area. It is literally 5 seconds away from my parents & I could ideally raise our future family here. Oh, & I’m sure Jasper would appreciate the real back yard.

Mazda X9
Mazda X9. I have been in love with Mazda’s for the longest, especially their SUV’s. Simply put, my little 2004 Oldsmobile Alero is going to be a pain in my ass when it comes to babies & car seats.

Hot Pink iPod
An hot pink iPod. I couldn’t even tell you if I want mini, nano, whatever. As long as it is hot pink and holds music it would work for me.

Michael Kor's Faux Tortoise Watch
Michael Kor’s Faux Tortoise Watch. I have been lusting over this watch for a ridiculous two years & am no closer to having it in my grasp. DAMN.

Coach Kristin Pleated Satchel
It’s a purse & it’s by Coach.

Coach Kristin Checkbook Wallet
It’s by Coach, matches the purse I want by Coach, & can hold a checkbook. Important, because I am one of the very few people in their early 20-something’s that even use checks.

Coach Waverly Snow Queen Wristlet
For those occasional nights out with my friends where I really cannot be bothered with that beautiful masterpiece shown above.

Swarovski Blowing Kisses Figurine
Before I go any further with this wish list, let me make one thing clear. I am OBSESSED with Swarovski. I ooohhh & aaahh every single time I venture into my old workplace. I miss it so much, sometimes it hurts. I have a figurine they gave me when they hired me & I plan on collecting them eventually. I’ll be the old lady with fifty million knick knacks around every nook & cranny of her house. This one is, cutely, called “Blowing Kisses”.

Swarovski Helios Rosaline Moonlight Pendant
Did I mention that Swarovski also does jewelry?

Swarovski Silk Starfish Charm
Or that I have a charm bracelet by them that needs adding to?

Swarovski Moonlight Pierced Earrings
These are gorgeous. And would go PERFECTLY with my long growing hair.

Swarovski Mix Ring
I just like stackable rings. Yay Swarovski for making them!

Swarovski Leslie Set
I also like pink and hearts. I could easily wear this ALL THE TIME. I adore it.

And so, that concludes my unrealistic Christmas wishlist. I hope you enjoyed drooling over the pretties!


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