Christmas Party Office Fun!

24 Dec

So today was our last day of work before our three day Christmas weekend. Yay for Christmas falling on a Saturday! This being the last time we would see each other before Christmas, we had our annual office Christmas party in our waiting area.

At 2:00 we were finished seeing patients for the day & we shut our phones off for an hour. Everyone brought out the yummy goodness they had made, & Dr. Water’s hubby brought us some Zea’s chicken & ribs. It took about 45 minutes or so for everyone to eat. After we ate, we all exchanged gifts with our Kris Kringles.

Let me just tell you. All week LuLu & I have been talking shit about our KK’s. How horrible they were because we were the only two people in the office who had only gotten a gift the first week. It was then revealed to me that she had known who her KK was the whole time. It was Vee, our co-worker who had resigned mid-KK activities. But, she would be coming to our party so she was forgiven because LuLu would get her specials there. Still no word on my KK. But then gift time came. AND OMG.. LULU WAS MY PERSON. She explained she just kept forgetting to bring it, between her second late night job & being a single mommy. I forgave her, & she forgave me for talking shit about her. I LOVE HER.

After we exchanged gifts, we played Dr. vA’s French Shoe Game. Best game ever, for realz. You don’t have to be five years old, or fifty years old. You’re going to enjoy it no matter what. He sings this little song & it’s basically musical chairs.. with shoes. Bahahaha. We get SO SO SO competitive. Seriously, last year I had bruises from Dr. P’s little girl Amelia hitting me with the shoes. They didn’t go away for over a week. Luckily, little Amelia was not there this year so I am without bruises.

On to the pictures.. and my loot! Warning: Our doctors spoil us. We heart them. Lots. They paid for my groceries this go round. You’ll see how below.

LuLu Present #1 & #2
These were my two small gifts from LuLu from week’s 2 & 3 of our KK Exchange. I got a reindeer-with-a-snowman body ornament that lights up purple & red, as well as a cute polar bear jar filled with Butterfingers & Starbursts. She knows of my love for Butterfingers.

LuLu Big Gift
This was my “Big Gift” from LuLu. A $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble! I’m very lucky to have awesome friends, & this will be put to use for my trip in January to North Carolina to see my bestie. I will definitely need reading material for the duration of my flight/lay overs. My card is sparkley too. I love sparkles & glitter!

Doc's Gift #1
This was from the doctors. We all got one. I’m so excited that they’re adding to my Christmas decoration collection! I needed more SO BAD. My mommy will probably be jealous when she sees this. Santy is enjoying his new home on my bar-counter-window-lookie-loo thingy.

Doc's gift #2 & #3
Pack of 3 Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizers. LOVE. I LOVE THESE. I see a lot of patients, and even though most of them aren’t sick I have become a serious germ-a-phobe. Also, a $100 Vanilla Visa Gift Card. Hence, the doctors paid for my groceries. Oh, how I love them!

This is Gema (Santa Hat) & me. I had Gema for KK. She liked her makeup. Gema looooves makeup.

These are our four full-time doctors. We also have two others, one who works on Fridays & one who works Mon-Wed who was on vacation this week. L-R: Dr. W, Dr. vA, Dr. P, & PD. PD is my fave. He’s awesome.

Shoe Game
Dr. P & PD playing the famous Shoe Game.

Shoe Game 2
Dr. P trying to hit PD after she so obviously is the next person OUT. She tried to blame him, and not her inferior skills.

shoe Game 3
Dr. P still trying to explain herself.

So today was an AWESOME day. No work drama. Fun & games. YAY!

Also, here’s a photo of our Hallmark ornaments for this year:
Hallmark Ornaments 2010
L-R: Jasper’s “Forever Friend” Ornament 2010, my Bluebell Fairy Ornament 2010, & Donald’s Jack Skellington Ornament 2010. We just need to get a photo of Jasper to put in his ornament. (:


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