Christmas Eve With The In-Laws

25 Dec

So, my in-laws came over for Christmas Eve, since Christmas Day will be spent with my family. And since my in-laws are now divorced, it was much easier than making trips to 3 houses in one day.. not to mention my mother-in-law was going to her sisters also.

My mother-in-law made jambalaya for dinner, while I provided a veggie tray, salsa, homemade Rotel cheese dip, chips, & some yummy cupcakes I made. My father-in-law brought two bottles of very awesome wine. It’s called Blufeld and is a medium sweet Riesling. I think it may be my favorite, & from what I hear this specific wine is only about $8/bottle. Drinking it with the jambalaya wasn’t great, but it was fine on it’s own & with the cupcakes! Here is a link to Snooth’s profile on it.

Now.. on to the goodies! Here’s what I/we got:

Don got me Mulan & Tinkerbell: Lost Fairy Treasure. My mother-in-law got me Tinkerbell: Great Fairy Rescue

My mother-in-law also got me a 3 pack of long fuzzy socks – just what I need for my trip to North Carolina! My brother-in-law gave Don & I are $25 AMC gift card, which we are planning to see Black Swan with, & my father-in-law gave us a $50 Wal-Mart gift card. I think the Wal-Mart gift card will likely go to this set for our bedroom. We really need dressers, our bedroom is SO BARE & I’m running out of closet room at an alarming rate. Haha.

Now, I’m off to watch Tinkerbell: The Great Fairy Rescue. I’ll be sure to update with our other wonderful gifts when we get home from Maw Maw & Paw Paw’s!


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