2011 Is Almost Here!

31 Dec

This year has been full of ups/downs for me. Let’s review:
-Anthony Scott Rizzuto & Brynn Carrington Dunn were born.
-My cousin announced her second pregnancy, right after the first baby (Reese cup) turned one.
-Serious argument with my cousin regarding care of my grandparents, that ended with her trying to hit me & my mother & her fist fighting.
-Celebrated my fourth anniversary with Donald & our first wedding anniversary.
-Jasper turned 1! My little chihuahua is getting so big!
-Have been actively trying to conceive since January.
-Joined Reader Service, which is probably the best thing I could have done in regards to books. 6 books a month/$22? AWESOME. It also stops me from buying more expensive books from Barnes & Nobles as much.
-Began planning my trip to see my best friend. So excited it’s almost here! 13 DAYS!
-Had it out with both of my in-laws during & after their divorce. We’re ok for now, but my MIL still makes me itch sometimes.
-Got my first Coach purse EVER, from my awesome parents & little brother! And it’s PERFECT, it’s huge with lots of pockets!
-Went to Jacksonville with Donald for our wedding anniversary, & fell in love with lighthouses. I think every vacation we go on from now on, we need to have a lighthouse nearby!
-Made a year at my job, even through all the craziness & drama that goes on there. I bitch about it a lot, but I really do love it.
-Started online classes for Paralegal Studies through Penn Foster.
-Moved into a bigger apartment, with the hopes of a little one coming along eventually.

And now, my 2011 resolutions:
-Lose 25 pounds.
-Do yoga every morning before work, and Jillian Michael’s at least 3 days a week.
-Read at least 50 books, and keep up with the SG Book Club.
-Keep a handwritten journal.
-Save at least $50 a month towards purchasing our own home.


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