Project 365, After Christmas Woes.

4 Jan

Among other things, I decided to participate in Project 365 this year. I think it will be interesting, & I’ll have a lot of photos to look back on later this year. I made a separate blog, so that it didn’t take up all of my posts. You can find it here.

Now we discuss my after Christmas woes:
Woe #1. Weight gain. I have probably gained about ten more pounds since Thanksgiving. I blame this on all of the yummy goodness my Maw Maw so lovingly bestows upon us every year.
Woe #2. The removal of Christmas decorations. First of all, I LOVE Christmas decorations. Especially the lights. They are my favorite part of the holiday season. But what is worse than everyone else taking theirs down is that this means I must take mine down. This is no small feat. It means wrapping each and every piece of my Christmas village in tissue paper to protect it, putting all the Hallmark ornaments in bubblewrap and into their correct boxes, & hoping the others don’t just shatter. It also means taking down my Christmas tree. Which is just a pain in ass in and of itself. But the biggest pain of all is FINDING A SPOT TO STORE IT ALL IN.
Woe #3. All of the good sales are pretty much over by this point. We’re now into the first week of January, & the retail stores have taken down all of those beautiful red signs advertising sometimes-awesome, sometimes-just-ok pricing. BOO.

So there you have it: my three major after Christmas Woes. And my new pet project.


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