The continuom of organization depends upon my husband.

5 Mar

So here’s how things in the townhouse have been since we moved her last April. When we moved in, everything under the sinks, in the closets, & even my tupperware & groceries were organized. Then D fudged it all up, being the man that he is. I reorganized it, he fudged it up again – rinse, lather, repeat.

Being all down about some issues going on in my life right now, I decided to go get my nails done. THEN I found out that my favorite nail salon has closed. Thanks, US Economy. So instead, I went to my favorite store: BIG LOTS. I was really looking for wall decorations, maybe an entertainment center, & a cute Easter wreath.

What I DID find was some new hot pink tupperware (just the lid, not the whole thing – you don’t really think I’d do that to D do you?), some stackable baskets, & some other portioned out tupperware (I have been looking for this ALL OVER, because D loves these old portioned tupperware my Maw Maw had just like them – at). So this morning, my job was simple: organize underneath the bathroom sinks & organize my tupperware cabinet – as well as seperating MY tupperware from MY PARENTS tupperware that D just used to throw under there (lets face it, D is a man & couldn’t tell the difference between Ziplock & Glad if he tried).

Here’s how it all worked out:

Downstairs bathroom

Downstairs bathroom sink: All tall able-to-stand items on the top basket, random mini things (such as hand sanitizers, hotel shampoos, razors cartridges, etc) in the bottom basket, hair tools & large/boxed items on the side.

Upstairs bathroom

Same as above: tall able-to-stand items on top, smaller items on bottom, boxed/larger on the side. All that's missing is my makeup bag, which will fit easily into the extra space).

Tupperware Cabinet A

The first half of my tupperware cabinet. A lot of the original tupperware we bought when we first moved out isn't really stackable - not a good idea when you have a limited amount of space. Luckily, we have the space. It's just a pain in the ass when D throws it down there & becomes jumbled. All container tops are on the top shelf in larger containers, so he'll just have to sift a bit!

Tupperware cabinet B

Thise side doesn't actually hold much tupperware at all, except for Donald's new portioned containers. What it now holds are my nice serving platters, glass vases, & decanters. Much easier to see where all of that is, now that tupperware is not overflowing onto that side.

Mom's tupperware

This is all of the tupperware that belongs to my mother & Maw Maw that D just threw under there for whatever reason. So, I supposed I'll be returning it today while in search of a new nail salon!

While at Big Lots, I also managed to find this cubby hole shelving unit-thingy (for only $99!) that could probably actually hold our television. It has nine (or maybe it was twelve?) cubby holes & a flat surface. Inside the cubby holes, I’m sure our cable box, DVD player, etc. would fit as well as some movies & decorative items.

I’m thinking about buying it, but I need to check with D first & make sure he likes it. Last time I chose something he didn’t like, I heard about it for weeks – even though he knows ZIP about decorating & I hadn’t even bought it yet. He is also the reason that we now have four media-holding piece in our living room – he buys without asking. I also need to make sure the cable box (which is length-wise the biggest piece of electronic equipment we have) will fit into one of the cubby holes.

I am also waiting on my new end tables & coffee tables, which we are getting from my grandmother. They are over 30 years old & don’t have a scratch on them. I believe they were hand carved, & they are just GORGEOUS. They also have deep drawers, which I could use to store some of Donald’s game-station things. I’ll also have another spot to put photos, which I am desperately in need of! Previously to my grandparents moving in with my godmother, I had searched high & low for similar tables with no results. But when she decided to move, she offered me the tables & I was ecstatic. Not only is it something of my grandmother’s that I will treasure forever (seriously – they have survived thirty years of baby spit up & chewing, as well as children knocking into them.), but it was exactly what I was looking for in terms of living room furniture!

I think this is the most I’ve written here in a long time. Now it’s time for me to go return that tupperware & get some pretty nails! (:



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