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Project 365, After Christmas Woes.

4 Jan

Among other things, I decided to participate in Project 365 this year. I think it will be interesting, & I’ll have a lot of photos to look back on later this year. I made a separate blog, so that it didn’t take up all of my posts. You can find it here.

Now we discuss my after Christmas woes:
Woe #1. Weight gain. I have probably gained about ten more pounds since Thanksgiving. I blame this on all of the yummy goodness my Maw Maw so lovingly bestows upon us every year.
Woe #2. The removal of Christmas decorations. First of all, I LOVE Christmas decorations. Especially the lights. They are my favorite part of the holiday season. But what is worse than everyone else taking theirs down is that this means I must take mine down. This is no small feat. It means wrapping each and every piece of my Christmas village in tissue paper to protect it, putting all the Hallmark ornaments in bubblewrap and into their correct boxes, & hoping the others don’t just shatter. It also means taking down my Christmas tree. Which is just a pain in ass in and of itself. But the biggest pain of all is FINDING A SPOT TO STORE IT ALL IN.
Woe #3. All of the good sales are pretty much over by this point. We’re now into the first week of January, & the retail stores have taken down all of those beautiful red signs advertising sometimes-awesome, sometimes-just-ok pricing. BOO.

So there you have it: my three major after Christmas Woes. And my new pet project.


Christmas Eve With The In-Laws

25 Dec

So, my in-laws came over for Christmas Eve, since Christmas Day will be spent with my family. And since my in-laws are now divorced, it was much easier than making trips to 3 houses in one day.. not to mention my mother-in-law was going to her sisters also.

My mother-in-law made jambalaya for dinner, while I provided a veggie tray, salsa, homemade Rotel cheese dip, chips, & some yummy cupcakes I made. My father-in-law brought two bottles of very awesome wine. It’s called Blufeld and is a medium sweet Riesling. I think it may be my favorite, & from what I hear this specific wine is only about $8/bottle. Drinking it with the jambalaya wasn’t great, but it was fine on it’s own & with the cupcakes! Here is a link to Snooth’s profile on it.

Now.. on to the goodies! Here’s what I/we got:

Don got me Mulan & Tinkerbell: Lost Fairy Treasure. My mother-in-law got me Tinkerbell: Great Fairy Rescue

My mother-in-law also got me a 3 pack of long fuzzy socks – just what I need for my trip to North Carolina! My brother-in-law gave Don & I are $25 AMC gift card, which we are planning to see Black Swan with, & my father-in-law gave us a $50 Wal-Mart gift card. I think the Wal-Mart gift card will likely go to this set for our bedroom. We really need dressers, our bedroom is SO BARE & I’m running out of closet room at an alarming rate. Haha.

Now, I’m off to watch Tinkerbell: The Great Fairy Rescue. I’ll be sure to update with our other wonderful gifts when we get home from Maw Maw & Paw Paw’s!

Christmas Party Office Fun!

24 Dec

So today was our last day of work before our three day Christmas weekend. Yay for Christmas falling on a Saturday! This being the last time we would see each other before Christmas, we had our annual office Christmas party in our waiting area.

At 2:00 we were finished seeing patients for the day & we shut our phones off for an hour. Everyone brought out the yummy goodness they had made, & Dr. Water’s hubby brought us some Zea’s chicken & ribs. It took about 45 minutes or so for everyone to eat. After we ate, we all exchanged gifts with our Kris Kringles.

Let me just tell you. All week LuLu & I have been talking shit about our KK’s. How horrible they were because we were the only two people in the office who had only gotten a gift the first week. It was then revealed to me that she had known who her KK was the whole time. It was Vee, our co-worker who had resigned mid-KK activities. But, she would be coming to our party so she was forgiven because LuLu would get her specials there. Still no word on my KK. But then gift time came. AND OMG.. LULU WAS MY PERSON. She explained she just kept forgetting to bring it, between her second late night job & being a single mommy. I forgave her, & she forgave me for talking shit about her. I LOVE HER.

After we exchanged gifts, we played Dr. vA’s French Shoe Game. Best game ever, for realz. You don’t have to be five years old, or fifty years old. You’re going to enjoy it no matter what. He sings this little song & it’s basically musical chairs.. with shoes. Bahahaha. We get SO SO SO competitive. Seriously, last year I had bruises from Dr. P’s little girl Amelia hitting me with the shoes. They didn’t go away for over a week. Luckily, little Amelia was not there this year so I am without bruises.

On to the pictures.. and my loot! Warning: Our doctors spoil us. We heart them. Lots. They paid for my groceries this go round. You’ll see how below.

LuLu Present #1 & #2
These were my two small gifts from LuLu from week’s 2 & 3 of our KK Exchange. I got a reindeer-with-a-snowman body ornament that lights up purple & red, as well as a cute polar bear jar filled with Butterfingers & Starbursts. She knows of my love for Butterfingers.

LuLu Big Gift
This was my “Big Gift” from LuLu. A $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble! I’m very lucky to have awesome friends, & this will be put to use for my trip in January to North Carolina to see my bestie. I will definitely need reading material for the duration of my flight/lay overs. My card is sparkley too. I love sparkles & glitter!

Doc's Gift #1
This was from the doctors. We all got one. I’m so excited that they’re adding to my Christmas decoration collection! I needed more SO BAD. My mommy will probably be jealous when she sees this. Santy is enjoying his new home on my bar-counter-window-lookie-loo thingy.

Doc's gift #2 & #3
Pack of 3 Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizers. LOVE. I LOVE THESE. I see a lot of patients, and even though most of them aren’t sick I have become a serious germ-a-phobe. Also, a $100 Vanilla Visa Gift Card. Hence, the doctors paid for my groceries. Oh, how I love them!

This is Gema (Santa Hat) & me. I had Gema for KK. She liked her makeup. Gema looooves makeup.

These are our four full-time doctors. We also have two others, one who works on Fridays & one who works Mon-Wed who was on vacation this week. L-R: Dr. W, Dr. vA, Dr. P, & PD. PD is my fave. He’s awesome.

Shoe Game
Dr. P & PD playing the famous Shoe Game.

Shoe Game 2
Dr. P trying to hit PD after she so obviously is the next person OUT. She tried to blame him, and not her inferior skills.

shoe Game 3
Dr. P still trying to explain herself.

So today was an AWESOME day. No work drama. Fun & games. YAY!

Also, here’s a photo of our Hallmark ornaments for this year:
Hallmark Ornaments 2010
L-R: Jasper’s “Forever Friend” Ornament 2010, my Bluebell Fairy Ornament 2010, & Donald’s Jack Skellington Ornament 2010. We just need to get a photo of Jasper to put in his ornament. (:

My Unrealistic Christmas Wishlist.

20 Dec

JSYK, it’s highly unlikely that any of these things will be under my tree. Everyone is giving me money to spend on my trip to North Carolina to see my best friend, her husband, & their child.

Dream House
This is my dream house. It is two stories, four bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, with a large backyard and lovely kitchen area. It is literally 5 seconds away from my parents & I could ideally raise our future family here. Oh, & I’m sure Jasper would appreciate the real back yard.

Mazda X9
Mazda X9. I have been in love with Mazda’s for the longest, especially their SUV’s. Simply put, my little 2004 Oldsmobile Alero is going to be a pain in my ass when it comes to babies & car seats.

Hot Pink iPod
An hot pink iPod. I couldn’t even tell you if I want mini, nano, whatever. As long as it is hot pink and holds music it would work for me.

Michael Kor's Faux Tortoise Watch
Michael Kor’s Faux Tortoise Watch. I have been lusting over this watch for a ridiculous two years & am no closer to having it in my grasp. DAMN.

Coach Kristin Pleated Satchel
It’s a purse & it’s by Coach.

Coach Kristin Checkbook Wallet
It’s by Coach, matches the purse I want by Coach, & can hold a checkbook. Important, because I am one of the very few people in their early 20-something’s that even use checks.

Coach Waverly Snow Queen Wristlet
For those occasional nights out with my friends where I really cannot be bothered with that beautiful masterpiece shown above.

Swarovski Blowing Kisses Figurine
Before I go any further with this wish list, let me make one thing clear. I am OBSESSED with Swarovski. I ooohhh & aaahh every single time I venture into my old workplace. I miss it so much, sometimes it hurts. I have a figurine they gave me when they hired me & I plan on collecting them eventually. I’ll be the old lady with fifty million knick knacks around every nook & cranny of her house. This one is, cutely, called “Blowing Kisses”.

Swarovski Helios Rosaline Moonlight Pendant
Did I mention that Swarovski also does jewelry?

Swarovski Silk Starfish Charm
Or that I have a charm bracelet by them that needs adding to?

Swarovski Moonlight Pierced Earrings
These are gorgeous. And would go PERFECTLY with my long growing hair.

Swarovski Mix Ring
I just like stackable rings. Yay Swarovski for making them!

Swarovski Leslie Set
I also like pink and hearts. I could easily wear this ALL THE TIME. I adore it.

And so, that concludes my unrealistic Christmas wishlist. I hope you enjoyed drooling over the pretties!

Kidd Kraddick – The Tears Never Fail

18 Dec

Every year the Kidd Kraddick in the morning show does a bit called “Breaking & Entering”. Multiple families are nominated by someone they know. These families are struggling, & are usually the givers in these situations.

This years it was the Richard’s family. They were nominated by a friend, Carmen, to be chosen for Breaking & Entering. Here is Carmen’s letter to Kidd Kraddick about them:

Dear Kidd-

I’ve been friends with the family I’m writing you about for 5 years. It’s a wonderful family of 6 who has had a rough year. The mom is battling breast cancer and is in her third treatment. The oldest son was hit by a truck last year and now suffers behavioral and other issues as a result. Their middle son is autistic.

This family is always doing things for other people. They opened their home to a family of 5 after the parents got laid off from their jobs. They footed all the bills to help this family while they were down on their luck. They are very humble people who never ask for anything, but they are always first to volunteer their time, limited resources, or lend an ear to anyone who needs it. In fact at this time last year, they adopted a family who needed some extra help to make their holiday more special. Now my friends could use some extra help to give their family an amazing Christmas that will never be forgotten.

With medical bills for the special needs of two kids, plus recurring bills for cancer treatments and everything else that has happened this year, this family has fallen behind on everything. They are such an amazing family and try to live by God’s word in everything they do. The mom is super supportive of her kids and their activities in spite of what she is going through. Three of her kids are involved in a not for profit cheer and dance organization, and mom is there for every performance or competition, regardless of how she feels.

I’ve talked to them about Christmas this year and the mother told me that she would be making the majority of the kids Christmas gifts this year. I would love it if you guys could help make this the extra special Christmas that this family deserves. They are always putting others first, so I want them to know what it feels like to have a worry free Christmas that they will never forget.

I bawled the WHOLE way to work. It never fails, I cry EVERY year. Click here to see them in action!

The other families who have been nominated are posted here, so that hopefully someone else will adopt them & help them out. I have decided that next year I will look for a family in the GNO & adopt them as opposed to giving gifts to the millions of family members I have. These families are so much more in need than my family is, & I think it would be so fulfilling to help even ONE of them out. It makes me so grateful to know that I have a family who supports me, & that I am so blessed to not be in this type of situation. I don’t think I could hold it together like some of these people do. They are truly amazing.

4 Reasons My Tree Is Better Than Yours

16 Nov

01. Aliens
02. Woody
03. Buzz Lightyear
04. Jessie

All four in candy cane form with snowflake ornament keepsakes. Do you want proof? Of course you do. So I took a photo for you, so that you can all be jealous.

Toy Story Candy Cane Keepsakes

Other reasons my tree is more awesome: Barbie, fairies, Beauty & the Beast, Batman, & the obligatory “First Christmas” ornament in the form of two super cute snowpeople inside a snowy heart complete with bridal veil and groom’s top hat.

I know, you’re jealous.

And of course, I need you to VOTE VOTE VOTE HERE for MODG who is made of awesome. We’re not playing anymore, this is some serious shit.

Sleigh Bells Ring.. Are You Listenin’? Well, YOU BETTER BE.

14 Nov

Christmas Tree 2010

Have I mentioned that Christmas is my favorite time of year? No? Well, it is! I love cuddling on the couch with my hubby & Jasper, just looking at our tree & stealing kisses. I like buying presents to give to people, & even though I suck at it I like wrapping them too. I like buying a new package of ornaments & a new hallmark ornament to add to my collection. And I LOVE the hugs the little cousin’s give me when they get their shiny new presents. And I especially adore helping my grandmother prepare the food for our family, and the laughs & stories we share.

I’m sappy, I know. But my tree is up, presents are wrapped, & I have my village taking over Donald’s DVD tower. All is at peace, & i get to enjoy it for over another month. YAY!