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2011 Is Almost Here!

31 Dec

This year has been full of ups/downs for me. Let’s review:
-Anthony Scott Rizzuto & Brynn Carrington Dunn were born.
-My cousin announced her second pregnancy, right after the first baby (Reese cup) turned one.
-Serious argument with my cousin regarding care of my grandparents, that ended with her trying to hit me & my mother & her fist fighting.
-Celebrated my fourth anniversary with Donald & our first wedding anniversary.
-Jasper turned 1! My little chihuahua is getting so big!
-Have been actively trying to conceive since January.
-Joined Reader Service, which is probably the best thing I could have done in regards to books. 6 books a month/$22? AWESOME. It also stops me from buying more expensive books from Barnes & Nobles as much.
-Began planning my trip to see my best friend. So excited it’s almost here! 13 DAYS!
-Had it out with both of my in-laws during & after their divorce. We’re ok for now, but my MIL still makes me itch sometimes.
-Got my first Coach purse EVER, from my awesome parents & little brother! And it’s PERFECT, it’s huge with lots of pockets!
-Went to Jacksonville with Donald for our wedding anniversary, & fell in love with lighthouses. I think every vacation we go on from now on, we need to have a lighthouse nearby!
-Made a year at my job, even through all the craziness & drama that goes on there. I bitch about it a lot, but I really do love it.
-Started online classes for Paralegal Studies through Penn Foster.
-Moved into a bigger apartment, with the hopes of a little one coming along eventually.

And now, my 2011 resolutions:
-Lose 25 pounds.
-Do yoga every morning before work, and Jillian Michael’s at least 3 days a week.
-Read at least 50 books, and keep up with the SG Book Club.
-Keep a handwritten journal.
-Save at least $50 a month towards purchasing our own home.


BRRRRR It’s Cold in Here!

16 Dec

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about my trip to North Carolina lately. I’m SUPER excited, but I’m pretty worried it’s going to be freezing. For this reason, I have taken to browsing through multiple pages of multiple websites for peacoats. I think I have found the perfect one. I happened to find it on Overstock. Best part? It is only $47.99! YES. Every other peacoat I have found that is similar is $125+. If you’re curious:

London Fog Peacoat c/o Overstock

You can find it here.

The only thing I hate about buying clothing online is that my size seems to vary. I’m likely to have L measure me at work so I can figure out which size I need. Since it’s women’s sizing I’m thinking medium, but I’m not positive.

Any other suggestions for peacoats are welcome. I prefer red, and long. (:

I Decide What’s Allowed.. Not the Writers.

18 Nov

I really love this show. HELLLO Aly & Ashley? YES PLEASE. But it is kind of pissing me off.

Savannah & Dan
ALLOWED = Savannah & Dan.

Marty & Dan
NOT ALLOWED = Marty & Dan

For real? I get what they’re going for. BUT NO. I DON’T LIKE WHERE THIS IS GOING. So please writers, stop messing with my heart. Ok?

Just Gross + Invasion of the Deodorant Snatchers

12 Nov

I really find that when you wake up the morning after intercourse & you didn’t have to pee all night.. it’s pretty freaking gross. You feel it all just come out, like you peed yourself. Ugh, not a good way to start my morning.

Also, watch out for your deodorant. Scary little gremlins will come out at night and snatch it away if you aren’t careful. They did it to me this morning. So now I have to stop at Walgreens on my way to work for deodorant. Awesome.